The Law Firm deals with the various issues of Civil Law

Areas of Activity

Civil Law

Cecinelli & Partners Law Firm specialises in all matters of civil law. Its professionals will be able to advise you on both contractual and non-contractual matters.

Judicial and extrajudicial assistance is offered to private individuals, to small and large companies listed on the stock exchange and to public and regional bodies.

Judicial actions will be promoted only after verifying the impossibility of resorting to alternative solutions to the judgement and after having informed the client in a transparent manner of the probabilities of achieving the desired results and the successful outcome of the case.

Civil law matters dealt with by the company include the following:

  • Family law
  • Separations/divorces
  • Contracts
  • Inheritance and estates
  • Support administration
  • Evictions
  • Acquisitive prescription
  • Bonds
  • Property rights
  • Civil responsibility

In all these matters you will receive constant support from our experts. From the very first discussion of the case, you will be the one to agree on the best strategy to adopt in the interests of the customer. Following this meeting, the client will be kept informed about the developments of the dispute, be they judicial or extrajudicial.

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