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Public Financing Consultancy

The world of public funding is extremely complex, often demanding and expensive in terms of resources. The firm is able to deal with this complexity thanks to specialised consultants in multiple areas. In addition, our skills allow us to interact as independent partners for any organisation that wants to access public funding by offering them ad hoc legal consulting services.

National governments and the European Community manage a large number of public funding and incentives, and every year the European Community alone provides financing and subsidies of over 375 billion euros. There are currently more than 20,000 funding schemes available: there is therefore a clear need for specialists to guide others through this maze.

We provide our clients with our professionals’ long-standing capabilities in developing proposals and offers for financing requests from public and private investors, both nationally and in Europe.

The team of consultants available specialises in:

  • financial planning
  • screening of funding opportunities (Italian and European)
  • support in the preparation of the proposal
  • support in drafting business plans
  • legal and administrative procedures
  • technical assistance and reporting
  • networking
  • identification and selection of Italian and foreign partners to form consortia or temporary groupings of companies aimed at specific tenders
  • support in structuring the consortium or partnership and in the negotiation process

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