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The startup support team is led by Dr. Andrea Cecinelli who has decades of experience in the world of web marketing and in the world of innovative startups in the digital sector..

At a time when government actions are aimed at protecting the new forms of companies operating in the world of innovation and digital technology, the Cecinelli & Partners Law Firm has expanded its sector relating to the assistance of innovative startups operating in the world of media, technology, telecommunications and more.

Our primary objective is to help the startup grow by offering services related to the world of law (corporate, tax and litigation), to the world of web marketing (In order to help the company promote itself with targeted marketing campaigns on the web) and to the world of private investors by putting clients in contact with venture capital funds or simply private individuals interested in the idea developed by the startup.

We help new entrepreneurs to understand all the main legal issues related to the implementation of projects.

In order to carry out these projects and help to make them as concrete as possible, we have devised a type of assistance that we can summarise in three main points:

  • Predefined documents for setting up the company, also describing the preliminary steps for launching a web marketing activity connected to the creation and promotion of a website
  • Offer of a legal and tax service (assisted by tax professionals who work externally with the firm) with very competitive deferred and lump sum fees
  • Offer of a study of the overview related to all loans guaranteed by the European Union and that at the same offers a grant to innovative startups for creating a business plan
  • Drafting an ad hoc project aimed at incorporating the funding made available by the city, region and European Union.

This way of working has allowed several start-ups to create a competitive approach in the digital and innovative entrepreneurial world.

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